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User Benefits

Safe Cleaning As Well As Reduced Costs
The dosage of detergent and water is program controlled and can be finely varied depending on the degree of ink, coating and board fiber buildup. Fast cleaning means shorter makeready times and shorter press stops, which increases the productivity of the press.
This patented system allows for press operators to use a “hands off the cylinders” cleaning function that automatically prepares plates for continuation of the run. This safety feature is most beneficial for the press operators. Additionally, the operators enjoy a cleaner environment with reduced risk of skin contact with inks and coatings.

Flexo Machine

Compact and Versatile with Real User Benefits
An immediate user benefit is improved quality of print production through consistent and thorough cleaning of the stereos. There is also a reduced risk of accidents because of minimized operator contact with moving parts and press nip points. The compact design of the Baldwin Cleaning Head permits flexo plates to be changed without difficulty or interference. With no consumables required for operation, such as rags and cleaning cloths, continuing expensive disposal costs are eliminated.