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Heidelberg Speedmaster Press Upgrade with Baldwin Cleaning System

The Baldwin IMPACT® 2E cloth system replaced the original brush system on GSL’s six-unit Heidelberg sheetfed press. The upgraded IMPACT® 2E system utilizes Baldwin’s PREPAC® cleaning cloths that are pre-saturated with cleaning solution to ensure superb cleaning results, while offering the added advantage of drastically reducing VOC emissions. GSL was highly motivated to lower the amount of VOC’s in its print processes to meet their environmental goals, and Baldwin’s system provided the best blanket cleaning technology to address their needs while improving efficiency at the same time.

Baldwin Jimek celebrates the company's 30th anniversary: 

Raising the bar again! 

Baldwin Jimek's first Spray Dampening system saw the light in 1983. Today, technology has matured and is more advanced than ever. 

The predecessor to today’s modern Spray Dampening technology emerged in the maintenance department at the newspaper Sydsvenskan in Malmö in 1983. This is where Birger Hansson and Sten Hultberg were working, solving technical problems and improving the process.